Ways to Get Paid to Travel

A lot of people daydream about being able to afford traveling for months, but very few have the courage and determination to turn their passion into a full time job. Yes, many people have developed strategies to get paid to travel!

As I spend most of my time reading on the subject and trying to come up with innovative ways to make enough money to finance my crazy adventures, I’ll be sharing tips on how to set up a travel blog, attract traffic, monetize it and find alternative sources of income. Here are some ideas:


Share your discoveries and experiences with others, people LOVE hearing travel stories, especially if they’re unique and funny. Taking an hour a day to post a blog entry and upload images is a breeze. Here are the steps to follow:

Sign up for a web hosting package(checkout my sites before you pick one)
Activate WordPress
Add a theme
Add plugins
Add content
Drive traffic to your blog
Submit your blog to directories
What should you talk about? Daily life, local customs/beliefs, food, accommodation, personal experiences, funny stories… Spend some time reading other travelers’ blogs to get an idea, but it’s important to develop your own style. Here’s an effective way to find those blogs: go to Google and type: “travel + blog”. You can also go on technorati.com and browse their huge selection.


Reach out to a broader audience by writing for other sites. Not only will you get paid between $10 to 25 per article, your traffic will also increase! Here are a few sites that pay for submissions:

So lets say you write an article a day, which isn’t much work, you should earn between $300 and $750 a month. Keep in mind that you can also guest write for others without being remunerated, but make sure they get a lot of traffic to make it worth it.


No money? No problem! Find work on a cruise ship and you should have a few thousand dollars by the time your contract’s over. You will most likely have to sign 3 or 6 months contracts, but you will get to travel to exotic destinations for free without having to pay for rent or food. Be prepared to work long hours and live in tight spaces with someone you might not get along with though! On the bright side, you can just decide to get off in South America and backpack for a few months. When you run out of money, repeat the process for another few months! Here are a few reputable cruise lines where you can apply (you can access the full list through my site):

Carnival Cruises
Celebrity Cruises
Disney Cruise Line
Princess Cruises
There are so many innovative ways to make money while you’re traveling, so there are no valid excuses for you to stay home and endure a job that’s making you miserable! For more ideas on how to get paid to travel, visit my sites, I’ll be adding more tips every week! I hope my article will inspire you:)

Well traveled Noomi Kundalini has been coming up with innovative ideas on how to get paid to travel for ye

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